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Commercial & Residential Specialists LP GAS George 
Since 2015


SAQCC Accredited. Installation and repair of residential LP gas stoves, gas geysers, fireplaces, gas braais and features.


LP gas for Restaurants, Hotels & Commercial applications. LPG qualified for Liquid & Vapour.


COC Consulting, Certification of Residential and Commercial LP Gas installations

SAQCC Registered Installer

Industrial SANS329
compliant Burner Services.
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Some Corporate Clients

Because Legal Compliance Is An Absolute

Green Route Properties
Tsogo Sun
Total Energies
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Brothers Coffee

Based in George, Western Cape
Serving all of the Garden Route
with LP Gas since 2015. 

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SANS 329

Industrial SANS329 
Burner Services

LP GAS for Agricultural
Water Treatment
Powder-coating & Motor Industry
Manufacture & Production Facilities
Burner & Afterburner Services.

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GRC provides 
superb quality for your LPG needs !

We are fastidious specialists in LP GAS George, for all Commercial and Residential solutions, supplying and installing quality world-class equipment. We never cut corners and insist on meeting, usually exceeding every regulatory requirement.  The safety of people & property is paramount.


We provide ease, comfort, cost savings!
Qualified for Liquid & Vapour LP Gas installations. Hire GRC as your project and planning consultant.

We see many installations which do not meet legal requirements. GRC will never cut corners to save a buck and blur the lines on any legal or safety requirements. It may cost a tiny bit more, but WE DO IT RIGHT. Never fear insurance not covering a claim. 

Commercial Water Heating

LP Gas is the most economical way to heat water for Hotels, Hospitals, Apartment blocks and larger buildings. We provide various cost effective water and floor heating for all buildings. 

LP Gas Geysers in George

Commercial Kitchens

Again, LP Gas is the most cost effective approach for commerical kitchens. We install and repair commercial kitchen LPG systems with certification. We also consult for new builds.

LP Gas Cooking Solutions

Residential Kitchens

Nothing better than a gas stove for fast and perfect cooking. We supply and install a variety of affordable and high-end LP Gas hobs and gas stoves for your beautiful new home. 

LP Gas Stoves at Home

Residential Water Heating

LP Gas Geyser is the most economical way to heat water in your home. Our new systems also heat floors with circulating hot water from a 2nd chamber in the geyser system.

Gas Geyser & Underfloor Heat

Residential Fireplaces

With new technologies, LPG is the economical way to heat your home in winter. No more smoke in the home or sinus attacks. Efficient and beautiful indoor fireplaces using LP Gas. 

Safe indoor LPGas Fireplaces

Residential Outdoors

Braai in style. No more trips to the garage for bags of wood or charcoal smoke everywhere. Beautiful permanent Gas Braais makes any outdoor living area beautiful and practical. 

Safe Outdoor LPGas Braais

COC – Certification

Certification of Compliance means your installation meets legally required regulations and specifications. Regulations are updated over time to keep the public safe. If your installation does not meet legal requirements, whether you have a COC certificate or not, insurance companies CAN refuse to pay your damage claims if they can show a LPG installation was not actually compliant. Be sure. Call us. 

We consult in planning phases for new buildings and developments.
Inviting architects, developers and builders to work closely with us. 

SAQCC Registered – Residential & Commercial Installer Vapour & Liquid

Supply, Install & Repair

GR Combustion subscribes to a motto of excellence. We supply high-end as well as budget appliances. Advice to the buyer based on legal compliance for your building, what can and cannot be done, factors that influence buying decisions, all saves you time and money. We advise on what options are possible for your home or building with 100% legal compliance, no blurring the lines of the law. 

We are qualified for Liquid & Vapour LP Gas installations.

SANS 329  &  Industrial Services by appointment only.

SAQCC Registered – Residential & Commercial Installer Vapour & Liquid
We are your ideal choice as LP Gas partner

Contact us  :   082 376 2698

Based in George, Western Cape, we service all of the Garden Route.

We are qualified installers for Residential AND Commercial LPG, Liquid & Vapour. 

If you want to be assured of excellence in workmanship, quality appliances, absolutely surety and comfort of legal compliance, never want to worry about if insurance might find a reason not to cover you in case of an accidental fire,  you NEED fastitidious Gas people like us, GRC as your service provider. Call us for your LP GAS George needs.